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Buffalo Meat Recipes

Welcome to the wonderful world of cooking lean.  Grande Natural Buffalo Meats is slowly compiling all the best buffalo or bison meat recipes from all over the USA and will endeavor to place them right here on the net whenever time allows.  Check back occasionally to find new additions to our growing list of great bison meat dishes.   We hope you enjoy the uniqueness of Cooking Lean and will become a life-long Buffalo Meat fan.

Basically, buffalo meat tastes similar to beef only sweeter and more flavorful.  It also cooks similarly only faster at the same temperature, or in the same time frame if you lower the heat a bit.  All your favorite beef recipes will also work for Buffalo, but will turn out BETTER!  Buffalo will produce much more delicious, robust flavors and a more healthy meal, lower in Fat, Calories and Cholesterol. 

Great flavor, lower fat and less calories!  It is really hard to beat a thick Buffalo Steak cooked over the open grill.   Hmmmm ...good!   With Buffalo Meat, how can you go wrong?  So experiment and enjoy!  You'll get hooked on Buffalo, just like us.

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Buffalo Steaks              Buffalo Roasts            Buffalo Stew            Buffalo Burgers

Buffalo Organ Meats

If you have a great new Buffalo Meat recipe you'd like to share with us and get full credit right here on our website, just email us at "recipes@BuffaloMeatUSA.com" with the Buffalo Meat cut, the various ingredients and the cooking procedures, and upon review, we might  just add your new creation to our growing list.  We wish to thank all of our meat recipe contributors to date.  We very much appreciate their superior culinary skills.

Thank you from all of us at:

The Home Team at BuffaloMeatUSA and Grande Natural Meats, Colorado's Elk and Buffalo leader.



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