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YES!  we have WHOLE, 1/2 AND 1/4 ELK meat or BUFFALO meat packages.

Just click on the animal you would like.


We Sell only


the pure North American Species.

We NOW CARRY 4B Buffalo Pet Treats  

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We sell only the highest-quality USDA elk meat, buffalo meat and venison products to fine restaurants,  progressive retail stores and the discriminating general public via our quaint log cabin ranch store, and now via the internet...nationwide!  Try our various Buffalo meat products, frozen buffalo meat, sausage, bratwurst or jerky.... and we are sure you'll agree, dining on GRANDE PREMIUM MEAT is a great way to eat heart-healthy.  So limit your fats and cholesterol, but still get a great, no-gamey taste!  Give us a try.

Be sure to look for our Brand names and the distinctive "GOT ELK" logo in your local area retail store.

Please Call Grande Premium Meats at 719-657-0942, 1-888-338-4581

(8 AM to 8 PM MST)
for questions regarding our Products, wholesale or retail .


Grande Premium Meats

P.O. Box 10

Del Norte, CO  81132




(8 AM to 8 PM MST)

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