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How can ANTLER DOG CHEWS keeps your pet age-healthy*

Like many of their pet parents, dogs are subject to various old age degenerative diseases, ranging from osteoarthritis, various digestive problems to even osteoporosis. While major restorative surgeries like hip replacements, back procedures, and other rebuilding procedures are common human medical treatments, such procedures are still in the exploratory phase for dogs.

These new medical treatments for pets cost American consumers million of dollars every year, sometimes with stellar results, but usually with only erratic or disappointing results for the remainder. Hard medical procedures are sometimes painful, heavy in cost and can be prolonged in recovery time. Realistically, the final stage is disappointing with continuing pain and therapy.

BUT, there is a better way. Velvet antler, particularly from elk velvet antlers has been the solution to many of the human problems, and it is the same for pets. Velvet antler, almost unknown to western medical practitioners, is among the most valuable of healing products available to eastern or Oriental medical practitioners. People, horses, cattle, and pets have been treated with velvet antler. Eastern medicine's use of velvet antler, relies more on maintaining health and wellness, thereby preventing disease. Hence, eastern medicine promotes improving the quality of life through natural remedies without harsh treatments.

Basically, hard antler chews for dogs are the end product of the continued growth of the natural velvet antler while it is still on the animal.. Hard smooth chew antler is the final stage of growth once the fuzzy velvet and dried skin are scraped off the antler sticks. Aggressive tree rubbing or brush thrashing by the antlered animal cleans the antlers, later upon shedding makes them ready for the cutting of nutritious elk dog antler chews or the various kinds of deer antler chews.

Simple logic suggests that all the positive ingredients of healing velvet antler, with its preventative medicinal characteristics are STILL AVAILABLE in the rendered dog chew antlers. While the healing ingredients have been logically decreased due to higher levels of calcification and ossification during the deer's rut period, they are still present, sometimes in abundance! As such, dog chew antlers are by their very nature, a very wholesome and preventative system of canine aging treatment. Is it not best to prevent disease with products such as velvet antler and its subsequent product antler chews? Or is it best to rely on a chemical pill "cure" or painful "procedure" later? The answer is obvious, dog chew antler is potentially a better medicinal alternative.

So, how does velvet antler and the resultant dog chew antler product potentially cure or prevent osteoarthritis, etc? Quite perfectly, velvet antler has nature's exact proper ratio of bone and cartilage building ingredients. After all, a larger, mature elk bull can produce upwards of 30 to 50 lbs of antler velvet in just about 90 days from start to finish with calcification. That is a tissue growth rate that rivals the rate of large animal fetus growth. The growth promotants present in antler is impressive. Glucosamine, Chondroitin, collagen, glycans, IGF-1, IGF-2 omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids all in a simple meat-bone product. While velvet is more of a soft, meat product, the hard antler chews are a later transitional bone product, fully complete with a very enriched marrow portion, especially in elk and moose. However, elk antler chews are better than regular bone marrow-type products due to their rapid evolution from enriched velvet antler to hard antler for chewing in over just a 90-day Summer hardening period every year. This is Nature's gift to the animal kingdom.

Remarkably, hard antler chews are a truly renewable medicinal crop created every year without harm to the host animal! Every Winter, when velvet antler grows, the old antlers fall off and eventually a new full rack is developed in the annual cycle. The old antlers are found by humans and sold to cutters for creating antler chews.

Essentially, a primal meat product like antler velvet can be surgically harvested from domestic deer without significant detriment to the host. Any type of deer; whitetail, mule deer, elk, moose, etc. all have harvest-able antlers, but usually only Elk, Red Deer and Reindeer are suitable, larger-sized, docile livestock to harvest. Velvet can then be frozen, dried, cooked and consumed in moderation without any harmful side affects to a healthy person or pet. Even after drying or cooking, antler can be notably effective for injured or painful joints and other aging problems.

So, how much of an antler chew does a dog need? Well, doses for velvet antler are usually measured in a few tens of milligrams per day. Just this small amount is enough to gain the benefits of its super-effective ingredients. Dosing is gauged by the recipient weight. For humans, 500 milligrams per day is a good maintenance dose as per eastern practitioners. Projecting that to pets, figure 4 milligrams per pound per day. A 30 lbs dog would need 120 mg per day for maintenance. But, pure velvet antler is expensive and relatively hard to administer as a sprinkle powder, tablet or a gel cap. See ElkUSA pet velvet.

Hard chew antlers for dogs are the easier way to deliver similar benefits, albeit at lower doses in an easier delivery form. While not yet studied in detail, one can assume that an ounce per day of antler chew can be virtually as effective when used as a preventative measure. That would assign a chew antler only about 1/250th of the efficacy of velvet antler, but that would seem to be a very reasonable and conservative assumption.

While the majority of that antler chew ounce is the hard, boney antler rind, it would also include some the nutritious and aromatic marrow. So a 30 lb dog could get similar benefits from one ounce of hard chew daily. The same benefits as if given a 120 mg dose of pure velvet antler per day. ( 28,350 mg = 1 oz. 120mg/28350mg = 0.42%) Larger amounts of antler chew may be necessary if adverse medical conditions are already present. Every pet is different, coming from different climates, gene pools and bloodlines, hence individual antler chew bone experimentation with your pet may be necessary. Since large amounts of velvet antler can cause digestive “looseness”, starting slow and working up the proper antler chew dosage per day is logical.

Rich Forrest M Sc.

*The medicinal benefits of antler dog chews offered in this article has not been verified by the FDA and is not offered as a cure nor remedy to canine afflictions. Nor is the above information offered as any veterinary advice or procedure. Always consult with your veterinary professional. The above antler chew presentation is offered thru scientific inference based upon human tests, as well as, various anecdotal evidence.




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