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Elk Meat Co-Products

Besides Elk Antler Velvet, ELK have an abundance of useful secondary by-products.


Elk Tails

In Oriental countries, dried elk tail is one of the more popular parts of the elk, second only to elk velvet antler.  Dried tails are black in color, with hair removed, and have a distinctive odor, due in part to a large sebaceous gland on the under side of the tail.  The dried elk tail is soaked for 30 days in alcoholic liquor.  The liquid is consumed, and the tail is cooked and eaten.  Medicinal uses include treatment of sexual dysfunction, uterine disorders and lumbar or leg pain.  Elk tail is also used as a tonic to enrich bone marrow and kidney function.  Grande Meats inventories a few frozen Elk tails for the adventurous types.


Elk Pizzle


The pizzle consists of the penis, prepuce and testis.  It is typically air dried, with a distinctive, translucent red color.  The pizzle is prepared by slicing and soaking in yellow wine liquor, or by grinding and using in tonic form.  The preparations are used exclusively by men to improve sexuality and in the treatment of impotence and sterility.  Again, Grande Meats will have a few elk pizzles for medicinal uses.


Elk Sinews

Sinews from the legs of elk are cleaned of muscle and fat and dried to a bright, natural color.  Dried sinews are used as a tonic to restore vital energy, and in the treatment of eyesight problems associated with muscular weakness.  Grande Meats has an abundant inventory of frozen sinews.

Elk Hard Antler

Hard elk antler has many uses.  Besides the obvious ornamental uses, elk antler furniture and light fixtures have be come very popular.   Antler glue is processed from dried and ground hard antler.  It is used to promote blood flow, and in the treatment of lactation deficiency in women possessing a great source of natural calcium.  Pet products derived from hard antler are a good source of calcium and soft issue nutrients for needy pets.


Elk skins are preserved by freezing, salting or pickling in preparation for tanning.  Elk leather is strong and supple, and has an unusual grain character.  These characteristics make elk leather popular in the garment industry.  Hair-on hides are also popular for ornamental purposes due to their size and beauty, however elk hair is brittle and is unsuitable for rugs or throws.  The hollow nature of elk hair makes it an excellent insulator if the hair shafts can be protected from excessive flexing, while fisherman prize the hair for the manufacture of very light and floatable trout-attracting dry flies.  

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