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Welcome to Grande Natural Meats, western Colorado's premier venison internet retail distributor.  We provide venison and other game meat products to retail stores, restaurants and individual consumers, like you, throughout the United States.  We appreciate your visiting our site and we look forward to doing business.

So why shop at ElkUSA.com?

Several important criteria make us your very best bet for premium buffalo steaks and roasts.  venison is our business and your satisfaction is our goal!

Try a Elk NEW YORK Strip steak for the best of venison flavor!

1) You will find that our venison is all-natural, unsurpassed in quality and is USDA inspected.  From processing to the consumer, we keep our products at -15 degrees F to preserve quality between processing or during transportation.  So even if you are an Allen Brothers, Lobel or Omaha Steaks fan you can still be assured of the same great quality and satisfaction delivered right to your door.  But, instead of just beef, we supply all-natural, lower fat, red meats like venison.

2) Our frozen venison packaging is heavy duty, vacuum sealed and ready for the consumer or the restaurateur to use immediately for a delicious meal, or to store for weeks, just like or better than any other meat you would buy from the supermarket.  For the retailer, each of our venison package is store-ready and fully suitable for display (some with bar codes) in attractive, brightly colored individual meat packs.  Case quantities and even whole, half or quarter carcasses can be purchased at a sizable discount .


3) Our venison prices are some of the lowest in the country.  Why is that?  Well, it's predominately due to our close proximity to animal husbandry and meat processing facilities, plus our desire to offer very "good deals" to our many diverse customers.  But, how do we offer such good deals on venison steaks and roasts? Let me explain.  
Location is important.  Colorado is not only composed of majestic mountains, but lush mountain valleys which are ideal for raising deer and elk, the source of all vension meat.  The costs of venison production are lower in the West due to infra-structure and feeds suitable for venison production  Further, our venison business is a family-owned, ranch-based business and we have virtually none of the overhead normally required by BIG CITY meat purveyors.  Our ranch with it's employees and facilities is our home and our business  Our marketing strategy is also important.  Basically, the Internet has changed how the meat business is done both nationally and globally.  With a telephone and the internet, why maintain a city office and costly staff and facilities, especially when you can live in the Colorado mountains and enjoy the beautiful scenery at any time? 
Also right now, we don't have a fancy full color venison and steak catalogue.  That saves us money.  Nor do we have a biweekly mailing with the attendant distribution costs, proclaiming SALE SALE SALE but with inflated costs on everything else, hence a significant marketing cost is bypassed.  By doing our own plain-jane website design, showing everything we have at the best price, we can be detailed and nimble, yet keeping our marketing cost low and our venison value exceptional.

4) Venison safety is very important to us.  Our products are of all-natural venison from range-raised animals without hormones, low grade antibiotics, nor growth promotants.   They are not raised in feedlots.  All animals are humanely processed to USDA standards similar to beef cattle.  Then we store our finished meat products at lower temperatures, and have learned to ship across the country, close or far,  winter or summer to get the best product at the least price to you the consumer.

5) Lastly, We like to talk to our venison customers!  We are very consumer friendly and we regard our service as very personal.  We try to help with meat recipes or cooking tips as well as shipping options or meat nutritional information.  We want to help make your internet venison buying experience as personal as you would want it too be.  We call well over 80% of our customers each and every time they order.  That way each customer gets their desired meat product exactly when they want it, for a cost they can afford.

So, tempt your taste buds.  Enjoy a venison steak tomorrow.  Call us for the best buffalo burgers too!

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  When buying venison you are purchasing meat here in Colorado where farmed venison sales are legal.  We then ship that product to you via UPS at your direction.  The customer is responsible for their own state's laws in regards to buying farmed venison.

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