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GOAT MEAT, also known as, Capretto, Chevon and/or Cabrito

All NaturalNO Growth Hormones, NO growth-promoting Antibiotics, NO Animal Byproducts

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Goat Meat

Goat has not been a traditional red meat for those of us here in North America, yet the world has enjoyed and benefited from goat meat for centuries.  Annually, domestic goat meat production has climbed steadily, but a significant percentage is still being exported, particularly to Mexico and the Caribbean area.  Well finally, American's are catching on to the world's love of Capretto goat meat.  While traditional Holiday meals are the norm for the world, everyday consumption is just now catching on here.  Interestingly, a University of Florida blind study of 600 U.S. consumers (using barbequed meat) determined that the "overall appeal" rating was that about 42% of tasters preferred the goat, while 38% preferred the beef, and 20% could not tell much difference.  Until recently, Capretto goat meat was usually just a delicacy found only in American restaurants or at special occasions, but now Grande Natural has introduced this delicious meat over the Internet for all to enjoy anywhere in the USA.

To many, the name "Goat Meat" may, for some reason, have negative connotations.  This is not warranted when young meat animals are harvested as Capretto.  We use of the term "CHEVON" for young, yearling goats aged about 7 months to approximately 12 months with live weights from 60 to 120 pounds.  These animals, derived from the Boar goat breed or from a cross with a Boar goat, yield a better meat-cut size and a quality of meat more attuned to the American taste buds.  Weanling Boar's of less than 60 pounds are from about 3 months to about 6 months of age and are harvest as whole or half carcasses and termed "CABRITO", the Spanish word for young goat.  Both Cabrito and Chevon make for great dining.

Surprising to many, Goat Meat really does taste delicious and is good for you too.  High in protein, but lower in fat and less greasy than lamb, Capretto Goat is a nutrient-dense food.  Combine that with a goat's hardy disposition, easy of management and its highly variable diet and it is a very logical source of red meat protein.  At Grande Natural Meats, our goat meat is all-natural, farm-raised, USDA-inspected quality red meat.  We never allow steroids, growth-promoting antibiotics nor animal byproducts to be used.  Fed mostly a grass and alfalfa diet, some with an occasional grain supplement makes for a really juicy delectable Chevon steak or Cabrito roast.  Try some goat meat (Capretto) ..... you will like it!


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