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The cold, clear waters off Alaska's 34,000 mile coastline are the world's greatest resource for wild salmon. Alaska salmon mature in an unmatched natural environment that provides them with superior flavor, color, and texture. The unbeatable taste experience of wild Alaska salmon is matched only by its nutritional value. Alaska salmon is an excellent source of lean protein rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, and nutrients necessary for optimum health. Al features Copper River Salmon, long recognized as the premium, with the highest Omega 3 content of them all!

If you haven't seen the word "wild" at the market or on the menu, the salmon you're eating is probably farmed. Wild salmon get their beautiful hue from their prey, and naturally produce rich oils to prepare them for the long journey upriver to spawn. It is these natural oils that give wild salmon their famous flavor. This is why wild salmon are healthier and taste better than the farmed variety.

The wild salmon fishing areas in Alaska are certified as well-managed and sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council, an independent, international organization. Future salmon abundance depends on preserving healthy runs and restoring endangered ones. The key lies in strengthening our ties to the land and cherishing the age-old relationship between people and salmon. And, fortunately, that includes eating them!

Contrary to common belief, quick-frozen seafood is fresher than "fresh". The advanced quick-freezing technology, perfected by the Alaska seafood Industry, is unique in its ability to capture the fresh caught flavor of the salmon while preserving the fish's firm texture and rich color. ALASKA SEAFOOD ORDER PAGE

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