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 SHIPPING: All Antler Chew orders over $75.00 ARE FREE SHIPPING. Lesser orders will receive guarenteed UPS flat rate shipping and handling for $9.95 PER BOX to street addresses only. We will ship your order immediately by United Parcel Service (UPS) without charge nor telephone call.



CAN I GET THE SHIPPING COST IMMEDIATELY RATHER THAN WAIT FOR OUR CALL?  Yes!  just call us TOLL FREE at 888-788-7441 to place your order or to get shipping costs.

WHAT ARE THE FROZEN MEAT SHIPPING COSTS?  Shipping cost is a combination of two factors. 1) the cost of packing labor, plus the box, foam, dry ice and/or frozen gel packs, and 2) cost of the courier service to deliver it to your door.  The box charge is the easiest to calculate, the courier service charge a bit more complicated.  The good news is after months of negotiations, we have very good overnight and two day courier rates.

WHAT IS THE BOX CHARGE?  The box charge is the cost for a cardboard box, a 1.5" foam liner and 3# of  dry ice and/or frozen gel packs. From 1# to about 12#  of meat fits into a 13"  box.  13# to about 36# of meat fits into a 14" box , while 37# to 65# of meat fits into an 18" box.  We will avoid shipping any one box which exceeds 70# for the safety of our crew and your aching back.  Sometimes we will add additional dry ice of gel packs at a cost of $3.00 per unit for small weight packages, hot weather, or long distance travel.

WHY DON'T YOU HAVE AUTOMATIC SHIPPING COST CALCULATOR?  We are still working on an accurate, complex shipping calculator that works well all the time.  We need to get it right because shipping cost can be a significant factor in a frozen meat purchase.  Both you as the customer and we as the shipper want your products to arrive in a timely fashion and in a presentable, wholesome condition.  A stock shipping cost formula for dry goods does not work for FROZEN PRODUCT and no stock frozen calculator seems to exist.  Frozen shipping charges are highly variable depending upon your location, the time of year and the amount of meat you are ordering.  The larger the amount of meat, the slower and cheaper the shipping method that can be used.  Each order is unique, hence we like to talk with each customer so as to get the best shipping value.

HOW DO WE HANDLE JERKY OR COOKED PRODUCT SHIPPING?  Jerky and cooked product are easily shipped via US Post Office Priority mail for a nominal charge starting at about $4.95 per package and a minimum $2.00 to $6.00 handling charge depending upon box size and weigth.  In fact, a "no weight limit" prefab Priority box is the best deal regardless of weight.  Inexpensive UPS ground delivery is also available.

WHO DO WE SHIP WITH?  We have packages picked up from the ranch by UPS.  The US Post Office is a 10 miles drive.  Generally, United Parcel Service (UPS) is our preferred courier service.

SO WHAT DOES IT COST TO SHIP TO THE EAST COAST?  Each package is unique.  That is why we like to talk with you by phone or email.  Best to give you examples.   New York City (NYC) is farther away from us than most US towns, so here are NYC examples.   10# of meat to New York City needs a foam box and gel packs for a total weight of 15#.    Shipped UPS overnight the courier cost is expensive, however if we boost the gel packs to get a 17# box then a two day UPS package is possible at a cheaper shipping cost.  NOW, However, a 30# box of meat (37# total weight) shipped ground would arrive in 3 days at a musch less expensive cost..   If you live in New England or south Florida, the costs may be a bit more, if west of NYC then a bit less.  New England and Florida are good candidates for UPS Select 3 day service at a cost between ground rates and two day rates.  Warm summer temperatures may dictate that we ship overnight or two-day air.   (Please note shipping costs are directly related to fuel costs which have been rising)

SO WHAT DOES IT COST TO SHIP TO THE WEST COAST or GULF COAST?  Again each package is unique.  We need to talk with you by phone or email.    Los Angeles (LA) and New Orleans (NO) are good examples.   10# of meat to LA or NO needs a foam box and gel packs for a total weight of 15#.  Shipped UPS overnight the cost is almost prohibitive, plus there is the box charge  However if we boost the gel packs to get a 17# box then a two day UPS would cost several dollars less.   Lastly, a 30# box of meat (37# total weight) shipped ground UPS would arrive in 3 days at a cost that is the most favorable..  Again, summer temperatures may alter the schedule.

SO WHAT DOES IT COST TO SHIP TO MID AMERICA?  The following states will have very inexpensive ground shipping rates.  MT, WY, SD, eastern ID, UT, CO, KS IA, western MO, OK, northern TX, NM, and AZ.  Packages will arrive in one to two days.  However, overnight shipping can still be made available for an increased cost.  Low cost three-day ground shipping for larger packages +30# can be made to these additional states. WA, western ID, NV, CA, southern TX, LA, MS, AL, AR, TN, KY, eastern MO, IN, IL, WI, MN, ND via UPS ground transport to GA, SC, NC, VA, WV, MD DE, PA, NJ and southern NY.  Be sure to remember there is a box charge.



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Jerky can be shipped via inexpensive USPO, or UPS ground transport.