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The sometimes High Cost of Shipping

Free Shipping is rarely FREE.

Frequently, shipping cost can be a significant part of any frozen meat  order.  As your chosen meat supplier, we have costs for both the shipping materials (box, foam, dry ice or gel-cold  packs) and the courier service such as UPS or the US Post Office so as to get it delivered.  Our philosophy is to find for our customers the most effective shipping method at the least cost as necessary FOR THEIR INDIVIDUAL SITUATION.  Hence we will call you to to discuss the shipping options available and to confirm your credit card number.

As you may have noticed, unlike many internet companies, we don't spend a lot of money on fancy website pictures, bells and whistles .... we just offer our products cheaper! 

We don't automatically calculate your shipping cost on the computer order form because many, many variables are present with each and every shipment of frozen meat around our wonderful country.  Your location, the time of year, the weight of the box, the weather, a rural verses sub-urban verses an urban delivery area, dry ice regulations verses gel pack effectiveness, etc.  We seek to find the lowest possible rate to ship your order, together with safety of the meat transport so as to determine the final shipping method and cost.  THIS WILL SAVE YOU AND US Many POTENTIAL PROBLEMS and money.  Rest assured, we don't make any money on the shipping end of our business.

Some wonder why we don't just offer a flat rate shipping cost or a NO SHIPPING COST deal.  Well, because those "DEALS" cost money, one way or another and our goal is to make the meat affordable for all parties, right here at the ranch store or out there on the Internet.   Since we are located in rural Colorado, why should a person in central  Maine, 2000 miles away, get the same price for shipping as someone in downtown Denver 200 miles away?   Somebody is going to be subsidizing the FREE SHIPPING somewhere.

Soooo .... while we have no great "shipping deals" (thereby saving you a considerable hidden cost)  OUR MEAT PRICES ARE JUST BETTER THAN MOST plus, we just have more experience in getting our products to your door with the least amount of cost and hassle!

Thank you for your consideration.

Rich, the Boss


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Jerky can be shipped via inexpensive USPO, or UPS ground transport.