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What is Flex Appeal Ultra velvet elk antler?

In just four to six months, a mature male elk can grow as much bone in his antler as the average human has in their entire skeletal system. However, velvet antler is harvested before the growth cycle is complete—generally at about 75 days when the antler from a mature elk weighs between 25 and 40 pounds. At this stage, the antler contains a wealth of nutrients, growth factors, minerals, and amino acids.

The primary components in velvet antler are proteins, collagen, lipids, uronic acid, sulfated glycosaminoglycans, sialic acid, ash, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium.

The unique combinations of proteins, carbohydrates, prostoglandins, and other trace elements help reduce inflammation and promote joint function. Dr. Betty Kamen (Kamen & Kamen, 1999) believes that the components invelvet antler work synergistically to provide:

  • arthritis relief
  • muscle development
  • increased strength
  • increased endurance
  • red blood cell production to correct anemia
  • capacity of blood to carry oxygen
  • speedy recovery from injury and stress
  • faster recuperation after surgery
  • augmented levels of certain anabolic hormones
  • enhanced immune activity
  • fertility

Flex Appeal Ultra is unique among velvet antler products. Only the velvet antler tops are used in this premium product. Growing tops contain the highest concentrations of many antler components. Those who have used both Flex Appeal Ultra and other velvet antler products tell us that they see better results with Flex Appeal Ultra.

It makes sense. The growing tops contain the highest concentrations of growth factors, amino acids, glycosaminoglycans, collagen Type II, and other components thought to play an important role in joint health. Flex Appeal Ultra only contains growing tops.

If you are interested in obtaining the greatest relief for joint inflammation, the most significant muscle development and strength gains, the fastest recovery from injuries or stress and the greatest enhancements to your immune system, we think you will find Flex Appeal Ultra to be the best velvet elk antler product you can buy.

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What does Flex Appeal Ultra velvet elk antler do and who should take it?

Velvet elk antler has been described as a natural adaptogen. The active ingredients in velvet antler are mostly precursors—the raw materials your body needs to produce the compounds it needs for good health.

Adaptogenic supplements like velvet elk antler tend to correct what is out of balance. Velvet elk antler helps maintain the health of your natural control systems. Adaptogens appear to have no specific function until they are needed. They are almost always free of side effects.

Some people, like Dr. Betty Kamen, believe that modern humans need to take adaptogenic whole food supplements like velvet antler because our diets have radically changed within the last few decades.

People used to chew on bones and eat bone marrow. Even as recently as a generation ago, if you went to the store to buy chicken, you probably came home with a whole chicken. Our grandparents used beef bones to make soup. Now, we buy trimmed beef and boneless, skinless chicken. We eat fast food.

According to Kamen, "It is not unreasonable to conjecture that humans evolved in a nutritional environment in which just about all of anything they killed was eaten, worn, or slept on. Velvet antlers, it's safe to assume, have been consumed by humans for many millennia before their medicinal properties were written up in the silk scrolls found in that ancient Chinese tomb. And it's only in the last century or so that humans have had the collective poor sense to end the common use of organ meats as a routine part of their cuisine." (Kamen and Kamen, 1999)

Elk antler provides a natural whole food alternative. Flex Appeal Ultra provides a practical way to restore some of the health benefits of a natural whole-foods diet.

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Why should I take Flex Appeal Ultra velvet elk antler when I can get a higher dose of glucosamine or chondroitin alone?

Velvet antler does contain both glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate. And velvet antler is the only renewable animal source of these supplements. But velvet antler contains more than these two components.

Velvet elk antler works synergistically. The components in the antler work together to provide joint and muscle support. Flex Appeal Ultra provides the building blocks; your body does the rest.

Bioavailability is more important than nutrient content. In other words, the key isn't how much you take, it's how much your body can use of what you take. Research studies suggest that bioavailability is generally higher when nutrients are ingested in the context of a whole and natural substance like the velvet elk antler found in Flex Appeal Ultra.

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How much Flex Appeal Ultra should I take?

Each capsule of Flex Appeal Ultra contains 250 mg. of 100 percent domestic elk antler. Flex Appeal Ultra contains only antler tops making it more concentrated than other velvet antler products. We recommend taking one or two capsules three times each day or taking three to four capsules every evening before bed.

Some recommend an initial "loading" period with a higher dosage for the first week or two. There are no known side effects to taking velvet antler with one exception: at high dosages, some have reported an upset stomach. There is no need to take large quantities of antler. If you experience an upset stomach while taking velvet elk antler, discontinue use until you feel better. Experiment with a lower dose later on.

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Is Flex Appeal Ultra safe?

Our quality assurance program starts long before we harvest the antler. We don't accept velvet antler from animals whose health history has not been tracked from the day the animal was born. We require regular herd health tests and documentation of good health after each test.

After harvest, the antler is immediately frozen. We keep the antler frozen until it can be processed. Each batch of antler is rigorously tested. We test for all common bacteria, mold, and other contaminants. All batches are tracked by a lot number. We want to be sure that Flex Appeal Ultra is a quality product. We take it too!

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Isn't antler an aphrodisiac?

Velvet elk antler has been shown to increase testosterone levels. Testosterone is currently being used for both men and women to increase libido. However, in our experience, the greatest benefit from velvet elk antler is that Flex Appeal Ultra promotes a sense of general well being.

People who feel good and who feel good about themselves usually have stronger relationships with others. If there is an aphrodisiac effect from velvet elk antler, we believe it is caused by the holistic effect antler has upon the people who take it combined with increased testosterone levels.

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How is velvet elk antler harvested?

Elk are not harmed when velvet elk antler is removed. The animals are subdued with a mild sedative. The region around the antler is anesthetized with Lydocane—the same substance your dentist uses. The antler is cut from the animal, leaving the antler base unharmed.

Animals whose antlers have been removed show no ill effects. Within a few hours, they resume normal activity with the rest of the elk herd. There are no psychological impacts after antlers are removed: elk whose antlers have been harvested interact with other elk and humans as they did prior to the removal.

There are no lasting physical impacts. Antlers regrow the following year. Velvet elk antler is the only totally renewable animal source of chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate.

The velvet antler is immediately frozen. It remains frozen until it is processed. The outer skin layer, or velvet, is removed and the inner tissue, consisting of the nutrient-rich cartilage is freeze dried, powdered and encapsulated.

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Why we believe that Flex Appeal Ultra is the best antler product on the market—our guarantee.

Flex Appeal Ultra contains only the upper sections of 100 percent domestic elk antler. Antler tops contain the highest concentrations of compounds thought to promote joint health. Our experience with antler supplements has indicated that Flex Appeal Ultra is Top-Quality.

We're convinced that you'll agree. That's why we offer a full 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with Flex Appeal Ultra for any reason, just return the unused portion to us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

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1) Flex Appeal Ultra for human joint structure and health, with the added plus of a boost in lagging Libido, and

2) DAWG EEZ for Your DOG,  made from Grade A Elk Velvet beams and mixed with Elk Liver, served as a dog cookie!



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