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As our baby boomer population ages, degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis and osteo-porous are becoming more and  more prevalent.  Hip replacements, knee replacements, back surgeries, and other restorative procedures are becoming virtually mainstream medical treatments.  Medical treatments that cost the American consumers 100's of million of dollars per year, with stellar results for some but only erratic results for others.  But these "medical miracles" come at what cost?  Cost in time, in money, in prolonged pain and therapy,  in true effectiveness?  There is a better way.   Velvet antler is the solution to many boomers problems.

Velvet antler, while virtually unknown to western medical doctors, is one of the most valuable medicinal products available to eastern medicine  practioners.  Asian medicine, particularly with the use of velvet antler, relies more on maintaining health and wellness, thereby preventing disease, hence generally improving the quality of life without harsh treatments.   Western medical philosophy leans more toward curing symptoms after the fact of disease, relying more on surgery and pills to fix ones problems rather than to prevent them to begin with.  Simple logic tells us that products, such as velvet antler, with their preventative medicinal characteristics are a much more wholesome and forgiving system of treatment.  Is it not better to prevent disease with products such as velvet antler than to rely on a harsh "cure" or painful "procedure" later?

How can it be that velvet antler can cure or prevent arthritis?  Quite simply, velvet antler has nature's exact proper ratio of bone and cartilage building ingredients:  Glucosamine, Chondroitin, IGF-1, glycans, collagen, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids all in a simple meat product that can be frozen, dried, litely cooked and served without any significant side affects for a healthy person.  Unlike cheaper glucosamine-chondroitin products, velvet antler can be harvested from virtually any deer species year after year without detrimental effects upon the animal ...a renewable crop if you will.

If velvet antler has caught your interest, then please read the following article put out by the North American Elk Breeders Association.   This article explores the benefits of velvet antler to all arthritis suffers.  And YES! as aging baby boomers here at Grande Meats, we do use our own velvet antler products, products that work because we test them ourselves.  Basically, while hard to believe, a simple meat product harvested without detriment from any type of deer can be frozen, dried, cooked and consumed without any harmful side affects to a healthy person, yet with remarkable effectiveness for painful joints and an added beneficial side effect of a subtly enhanced sexual drive for both men and women.


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1) Flex Appeal Ultra for human joint structure and health, with the added plus of a boost in lagging Libido, and

2) Cani-Flex for Your DOG,  made from Elk Velvet beams and mixed with Elk Liver as a dog cookie!

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