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WILD BOAR MEAT, also known as Russian Boar, Wild pig or wild pork.

All NaturalNO Growth Hormones, NO growth-promoting Antibiotics, NO Animal Byproducts

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WILD BOAR Meat for sale.

WILD BOAR has not generally been a traditional meat for those of us here in North America, yet the most of the world has enjoyed and benefited from BOAR meat for centuries.  Yearly domestic wild boar meat production has climbed year after year, but is yet yet a signifcant meat source for most people.  American's have finally dicovered the benefits of buying WILD BOAR meat.  While Holiday pork meals are common, only now is everyday consumption of wild boar is finally catching on here and around North America.  Until just recently, wild boar meat was generally a special treat found in American restaurants or at some special occasions in the South, but now Grande Natural Meats has introduced this delicious form of Boar meat for sale over the Internet for all Americans to enjoy at your leisure

To many fine people, the name "WILD BOAR Meat" may, for some reason, have somewhat negative connotations due to the extremely ugly form of the wild animals and their "wild" nature. However, these are basically domestic pure-bred, or hybrid animals (pigs) that have escaped into the wild and thrived on an agricultural diet.  Further, tough meat os not common when yoN" for youngung wild boar meat animals are harvested and supplementally fed prior to slaughter.  Most commonly yearling WILD BOARs aged about 6 months to approximately 18 months have live weights from 75 to over 150 pounds and make great meat.  These animals, derived originally from domestic pigs or from a pig cross with a Russian Boar, yield a usuable meat-cut size and a tasty quality of bold-flavored meat that is still suitable to American taste standards. America's current crop of domestic pork is breed for commonality of mild flavor and standard-size meat cuts. Say goodbye to porks relatively blah taste and say helpp to bold flavored boar meat. Good enough, and now cheap enough for meals often rather than the exception.

Surprising to all, WILD BOAR Meat does have a taste that is delicious and is suprisingly good for you too.  Less fat and more protein than regular pork. Higher in protein, but lower in fat it is less fatty than most domestic pork, so you get more meat and less trimable fat making WILD BOAR meat a more nutrient dense food.  Combine that trait with a wild boar's wide USA distribution, a hardy disposition, and together with its highly variable but nutritious agricultural diet, it has become a potentially signficant protein source for North America. In fact it has now become a very logical source of truley natural red meat protein producing all by itself out in the wilds of the southern portions of America.

Here at Grande Natural Meats, you can buy WILD BOAR meat that is all-natural, wild-raised, yet USDA-inspected quality red meat of exacting quality, just like regular pork.  Since it is truly wild raised, our meat never has steroids, nor growth-promoting antibiotics nor even animal byproducts. Only a couple of weeks of alfalfa after capute mellow out the boar meat flavor.  This extra treatment makes for a really juicy, even delectable boar loin or boar roast.  So, how about it America, come buy WILD BOAR meat from Grande Natural and find out one of the South's great taste treats.


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