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THE BEST BUFFALO/BISON MEAT PRICES on the NET!  Even AFTER the shipping cost!

Grain-Finished, all-natural Bison, never ANY HORMONES OR ANIMAL BYPRODUCTS.


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Buffalo Cuts

Boneless unless noted as Bone-in

Quantity in Pounds to Order 

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Price per lb.
or Case

Whole Bison Tenderloin

Grain-Finished Buffalo Tenderloin Whole tenderloin Bison roasts 4 to 8 lbs each (to be ordered by the pound), the finest Bison meat you can buy!

 Recipe: Buffalo Chateaubriand!

must order  6 lbs. minimum order.


per lb.

bison tenderloin filet

Grain-Finished Buffalo Tenderloin Filets,+/-5 to 9 oz steaks (1 per package).  Just the finest of Bison meat. 

must order  2 lbs. minimum



Bison T-bone Steak

Grain-Finished T-BONE Buffalo Steak,(one 8 to 10 oz steak per pack).  The best all around bison meat steak you can get!  (bone-in)

 must order  2 lbs. minimum


Buffalo Bone-In Ribeye.  

  2Ib minimum 

$26.95 per lb.

bison rib eye steak

Grain-Finished Rib Eye Buffalo Steaks, (one 8oz to 10oz. steak per pack) The best of the Bison loin, tender, flavorful and juicy

  must order 2 lbs. minimum


CAUTION: Shipping less than 10 lbs of frozen meat is difficult and expensive!



LONG, GIANT Grain-Finished BONE-IN Rib Eye Buffalo TOMAHAWK Steaks, almost a roast! (variable weights from 12 oz. to 20 oz. per steak, one per pack). Enough to feed two people or one very hungry guy. These are huge tomahawks with 14" handles. 

must order 2 lb. minimum

$25.95 per lb.

whole bison ribeye loin

Grain-Finished Whole Buffalo Rib Eye Loin Roast, 9 to 13 lbs each roast  AKA Boneless Bison Rib Roast.

 must order 10 lb. or more


whole bison ribeye loin

Grain-Finished Whole BONE-in Buffalo Rib Eye RACK Loin Roast, 15 to 20 lbs each roast  AKA Bison Rib Rack.

 must order 15 lb. or more


bison new york steak

 Grain-Finished New York Buffalo Steaks(one +/-8oz steak in 0.5 lb pack),  The most flavorful of all the bison steak cuts. Just simply great when flame broiled.

 must order  2 lbs. minimum


CAUTION: Shipping less than 10 lbs of frozen meat is difficult and expensive!


bison sirloin steak

Grain-Finished Sirloin Buffalo Steak(one +/-6 to 8 oz steak per package) An affordable and delicious bison meat treat!

must order   2 lbs. minimum



Grain-Finished MARINATED Sirloin Buffalo Steak (one 8 oz steak per package) Marinated and Tenderized in Bromelin (Pinapple extract), Papain (Papaya extract), and Ficin (fig extract), with sugars and phosphates. SOUNDS ODD, but it actually DOES TASTE GREAT, AND IT IS VERY TENDER! Better than a normal Bison sirloin. 

 must order   2 lbs. minimum


bison flank steak

Grain-Finished Buffalo Flank Steak(1 to 2 lbs/pack )  A gem of a meat cut.  Great for Bison Steak Fajitas,  LARGE PACKAGES ONLY 7 TO 10# EACH.   

  must   order  2 lbs. minimum  


bison hanging tender

Grain-Finished Buffalo Hanging Tender,aka "Bistro Steak", Butchers Secret, (0.75 to two pounds per pack) An affordable and delicious Bison meat treat.

must order    2 lbs. minimum



Grain-Finished Buffalo CHUCK Tender Roast(.4 to 1.0 lbs/pack ) AKA Mock Tender. A great hidden meat cut next to the shoulder blade.  Very tender for a chuck. Great for creating Bison Steak Fajitas,

must   order  2 lbs. minimum  



Grain-Finished Buffalo FLATIRON Steak(.3 to .5 lbs/pack )  A gem of a meat cut.  Great for Bison Steak Fajitas.

 must   order  2 lbs. minimum  


CAUTION: Shipping less than 10 lbs of frozen meat is difficult and expensive!


bison round medallions

Grain-Finished Buffalo MedallionsNicely cleaned, Eye Bison Steak (two or four 4oz steaks in 0.5 or 1lb pack) 

 must order 2 lbs. minimum



No Image Available

Grain-Finished Buffalo Fajita(1/2 strips of very lean round steak, great for stir fry.)

 must order 2 lbs. minimum


bison philly steak

Grain-Finished Buffalo PHILLY Steaks  Thin Sliced Buffalo Round Roast (1 lb. per pack)  Great for quick grilled Bison steak sandwiches.

must order  2 lbs. minimum


Grain-Finished Buffalo KABOBScubed round roast (~1" chunks). Perfect for roasting, much more tender than Bison stew meat. 

must order  2 lbs. minimum


bison skirt steaks

Grain-Finished Buffalo SKIRT Steak(variable weights, several steaks per pack)  A unique and economical Bison steak selection.  A cross between a flank and a brisket off the belly   

2 lbs. minimum, must get at least 2lbs  


bison top round roast

Grain-Finished Buffalo Tip or Top Round RoastSirloin Tip or Top Round  Bison Roasts (2 to3 each, up to 7 lbs may be available) Cooks like a roast beef only its BETTER! it's Bison Meat!

 must order 3lb. or more



bison eye of round roast

Grain-Finished Buffalo Eye of Round Roast  (2 to 5 lbs )  Our source for bison philly meat and great bison fajitias  

   must order 2lb. or more




Grain-Finished Buffalo Bottom Round Roast  (2 to 3 lbs each)  Our source for great bison pot roast!

  must order 2lb. or more


Large bison inside round roasts

Grain-Finished VERY LARGE TOP (INSIDE) Round Buffalo RoastsWhole Round Bison Roast ( 14 to 18 lbs each)

  must order 14lb. or more in 14lb. increments  


bison ste meat

Grain-Finished Buffalo Stew Meat (one lbs pack ) You can't beat a great Bison meat stew.

  2 lbs. minimum



bison outside round roasts

Grain-Finished VERY LARGE Bottom Round Buffalo Roasts (flats)Whole Outside Round Bison Roast (up to 20 lbs each)  A perfect choice for a Roast of  Bison  Banquet! 

 must order 16lb. or more in 16lb. increments  


bison brisket

Grain-Finished Buffalo Brisket A crock pot delight! Bison Briskets range from 3 lbs to over 20 lbs depending upon the processor. Mostly only large single briskets available, about 8# to 20# each.

  10 bs. minimum   


bison chuck steaks

Grain-Finished Buffalo Tenderized Chuck Steaks  tenderized Bison chuck steaks 4oz. to 5 oz each ( 3 per pack)

 2 lbs. minimum


bison hump roast

Grain-Finished Buffalo HUMP RoastJuicy and delicious, a hump roast is off the upper shoulder and is a type of Chuck roast.  This is great for a slow roast Bison meat delight or great in the crock pot!

   3 lbs. minimum



bison chuck roast

 Grain-Finished Buffalo Chuck Roast (3 to 5 lbs each)  Slow cook for great Bison stews or pot roast! please try the Hump Roasts

 must order 3lb. or more. 


bison short ribs

Grain-Finished Buffalo Short Ribs, VERY MEATY! Bone-in with PLENTY OF GREAT BISON MEAT!  The best for BBQ. in + 4 lb. packs    (bone-in)K

  must order minimum 4lb. 



bison osso bucco

Grain-Finished Buffalo OSSO BUCCO  aka leg of Bison or shank steaks (+1 to 3 lb. packs ) cook long and slow prior to braising.  (bone-in)  At least 60% Meat & <"40%" bone Some times erroneously labeled "Soup bones"

2 lbs. minimum 


bison back ribs

Grain-Finished Buffalo Back Ribs,plenty of delicious Bison meat, bone-in, 3 lb to 20 lb. packages  (bone-in)  Some packages in opaque plastic. Mostly large packages only.

 must order 6 lb. minimum


bison burgers

92% Lean, Buffalo Burgerthree 1/3 lb. patties of ground Bison Meat in individual 1 lb. pack.


  2 lbs. minimum


buffalo ground meat

92% Lean, Ground Buffalo 3 to 1 Patties by the CASE individual 1 lb. Bison packs packaged in 12 lb lots  

  must order 1 case WE RECOMMEND TWO CASES (or THREE to the East or West coasts)  for safe & cheap cross country shipment

$119.25 per 12 lb. lot

bison ground meat

92% Lean, Ground Buffalo Meat  individual one lbs pack. 

 2 lbs. minimum


buffalo ground meat

92% Lean, Ground Buffalo Meat by the CASE individual 1 lb. Bison packs packaged in 12 lb lots 

  must order 1 case WE RECOMMEND TWOCASES (or THREE to the East or West coasts)  for safe & cheap cross country shipment

$116.25 per 12 lb. lot

buffalo burger ground meat 5#

5lb. BAG +92% lean Ground Buffalo Meat (packaged in a 5 lb. BAGS)  Great for Bison chili or any major ground meat project. 

  5 lb. bag minimum WE RECOMMEND FOUR BAGS (or SIX to the East or West coasts)  for safe & cheap cross country shipment (When UPS Shipping bulk Frozen meat, minor package damage can occur without affecting wholesomeness)


bison burger meat

10lb. BAG +92% lean Ground Buffalo Meat(packaged in a 10 lb. BAGS)  Great for a big pot of Bison chili     

10 lb. bag minimum  WE RECOMMEND TWO BAGS (or THREE to the East or West coasts)  for safe & cheap cross country shipment (When UPS Shipping bulk Frozen meat, minor package damage can occur without affecting wholesomeness)



bison heart

Buffalo Hearts   (4 lb. minimum purchase) one Bison heart per bag.  RECIPE  

 2lb.  minimum   

  $9.95 per lb.

bison tongue

Buffalo Tongue  (3 lb. minimum purchase) Individual Bison tongues covered in cling plastic wrap, not vacuum sealed.  

3  lb. minimum 

    $8.95 per lb.


Buffalo Oxtail 

must order  2 lbs. minimum  


Buffalo Fat (5 lb. minimum purchase) 

(Must be shipped FROZEN

NO minimum 

$5.95 per lb.

bison soup bones

Buffalo LEG Bones   femur and tibia bones only.

(Must be shipped FROZEN)

   5 lb. minimum

$3.95 per lb.


What a whole, half or quarter Bison carcass? click here  

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American Buffalo or, more correctly Bison meat, is one of the few original red meats eagerly sought out by the native Americans and pioneers who developed the old west.  Almost hunted to extinction a hundred years ago, Buffalo are on the rise with literally 100's of thousands of animals now available to make delicious Buffalo Meat.   Just a few years ago Bison was one of those special treats that was reserved for special occasions, but not anymore.  Grande Natural has become America's value leader for producing high quality, reasonably priced Buffalo at prices that almost everyone can afford.   Prices even less than some others natural beef.  We ARE America's source for value-priced, discount Bison meat. So whether you buy over the internet online or in one of our many retail sales outlets you know you will get a quality bison product at a fair price with Grande Natural meats and steaks.One reason for our success is the use of predominately grain-finished buffalo.  Occasionally some grass-feds are used for selective steaks and producing lean burger, but to us, the look, taste and feel is just not there.   While many tout the nutritional benefits of grass-fed Bison meat, nothing can beat the tenderness and flavor of a Grain-Finished animal with its robust delicious savor.  The Grain-Finished Bison steaks might have a bit more fat and a bit less of the Omega 3 oils, but, hey, if our Buffalo tastes better, GREAT, you'll be back for more, cutting your calories by choosing a much leaner meat than beef.   These are not closely-confined critters either, but range-raised and then grain-finished for  the last 90 days so as to marble the meat slightly, producing a Buffalo steak or roast that is juicy, tender and very flavorful.  As you may have noticed, our Bison prices are better than almost all of the competition.  One reason why is that we actually buy and process contract-raised Buffalo through specially contracted USDA or State-inspected facilities in south Dakota, Colorado or Kansas.  We predominately use Colorado Bison or Kansas Bison for their flavorful meat, but we do sometimes supplement with South Dakota processed buffalo which have a similar high plains Bison flavor.  We are direct buffalo meat producer reflected in our wide range of products available on our comprehensive Buffalo menu.  If your current supplier is missing a bunch of Bison cuts, then chances are you are buying from another layer of middle man who is stuck with higher prices from his supplier and his supplier again.  So go to the source, a supplier who actually gets their Bison products right from the harvested animals.  Grande Natural has superior Bison meats and products at very reasonable prices, sold by the cut and by the pound for your ease of calculation. NO required pakcage buys here. Just the best Buffalo Meat at the best price in the steaks, burger and roasts you want to buy.We also have a special treat for  your pet.  Bison dog food that will have your dog barking with delight.  Never worry about allergies to hormones or beef, this is all-natural buffalo meat trim mixed with Bison organs to make a real taste treat, a true Buffalo DOG'S Dinner(TM)  a truly outstanding product for your dogGrande Meats is your direct source of quality Bison meat derived from ranch-raised American buffalo. Each animal cut into the buffalo steaks and buffalo roasts you want!  


HOWEVER, WE GUARANTEE THAT WE WILL FIND THE SAFEST AND LEAST EXPENSIVE SHIPPING OPTION FOR YOUR ORDER. At our discretion, we will add extra dry ice or gel packs at $2.00/lb for 1) smaller weight packages (<12 lb. of meat), 2) shipments to warm climates or 3) shipments with transit periods longer than 2 days.

Frozen shipping anywhere in the US As some companies offer, IS "FREE SHIPPING" REALLY FREE?. We have NO "free shipping" markups at Grande Meats.
Shipped ground or overnight:  Mondays thru Thursdays 

We will have an additional charge for handling, foam box and 3 or more pounds of dry ice and gel packs for every frozen box shipped.

  The largest box can handle up to about 62 lbs of meat. 

One or two day inexpensive ground transport available to:SD, WY, UT, CO, NE, IA, KS, OK, NM, and portions of MT, ID, MO, TX, and NVRemainder of nation via UPS OVERNIGHT or UPS 2 day air express



or locally, 719-657-0942

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