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The quick way to really see who is best at Buffalo
 (or any other meats for that matter)

Like all good internet shoppers, I need to know I am getting a good deal over the net,. Don't you?   So how do I, as an internet shopper, make sure I am getting the best total deal I can, for the best products out there.  Well, ..... you must COMPARISON SHOP!  Oooh!  On the internet, that's time consuming.  Each site has a hodge-podge of pages, packages and hard to determine "per pound" prices.  With all the meat prices, shipping costs, cut selection., meat grades, and just about everything different, that makes shopping around on the internet pretty tough.  

BUT NOT NOW, ......  We have done it for you!  And it is guaranteed to be correct on the dates of comparison.  If we isn't right, we'll make it right for you!  The best price guaranteed, delivered right to your door!

So, what did we do? We took the top nine search engine internet retailers of Buffalo meat (grass-fed or grain-fed, ours are grain-finished), made sure they were USDA inspected, and matched them up and priced them out with a market basket of high, to medium, to low end meat products composed of:

2 lbs Buffalo Tenderloin Filets

3 lbs Buffalo Ribeye Steaks

3 Lbs Buffalo Sirloin Steaks

3 lbs Buffalo Stew Meat

3 lbs Buffalo Chuck Roast

3 lbs Buffalo Short Ribs

10 lbs Buffalo Burger Patties


If a purveyor did not have the complete selection, we used only the portions that they did have.  We noted an asterisk on any purveyor who did not have the full selection. We then fictitiously packaged them up for a two-day journey, and determined the shipping cost to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1500 miles away) to see who could make the best deals for an East Coast consumer.   The West Coast works just as well or even better, since we are a western US buffalo meat purveyor.  Shipping was selected as a two-day air via UPS, while some others use FED EX, US Priority Mail or sometimes DHL.  Here are the results:

* denotes competition which did not have the compete selection.


determined as of AUGUST 15, 2008

The Competition by Initials & State Their 2-day Delivered Price Grande Natural's 2-day Delivered Price YOU SAVE!
ABM, OH $770.34 $404.60 $365.74
TBG, WY $687.65 $412.98 $274.67
HPB, CO *missing 1 out of 7 items $526.59 $349.92 $176.67
JHBM, WY *missing 3 out of 7 items $428.14 $264.62 $163.52
DM, KS * missing 1 out of 7 items $476.22 $358.55 $117.67
BSB, KS *missing 3 out of 7 items $281.54 $203.72 $77.82
MWBC, MT *missing 3 out of 7 items $292.46 $272.18 $20.28
TBG, MN $368.89 $380.73 -$11.84**
BQM, IL $362.65 $396.43 -$33.78**

** Please note that the last two purveyors, TBG and BQM are located in the mid-west USA, and have a bit of a shipping distance advantage, as well as, minor pricing advantages.    BUT, TO EARN YOUR BUSINESS FROM THEM, WE WILL GIVE YOU AN ADDED DISCOUNT!

IF you live EAST of the MISSISSIPPI River, please place the following CODE and information in the comment section of  your Internet Order to receive an appropriate DISTANCE DISCOUNT on your shipping.


 code: "EASTERN SHIPPING 8/08" 

Together with the name of the competition.


We will match 'em or beat 'em, guaranteed!

GOOD, Now, that makes our prices just as good or BETTER than them all!.

CONCLUSION:  Grande Natural Meats has the delivered LOW PRICE Guarantee wherever you are in the USA!

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