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BEST USDA BUFFALO STEAK PRICES on the NET!  Even AFTER the shipping cost!

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All STEAK cuts are from GRASS-Fed & GRAIN-Finished, all-natural Buffalo, never ANY HORMONES OR ANIMAL BYPRODUCTS


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Note:  Shipping less than 10 lbs of Frozen BUFFALO STEAKS is Difficult.  Please consider a larger shipment.


 INTERESTED in buying Buffalo STEAKS as a whole, half or quarter carcass? click here

INTERESTED in buying Buffalo Meat as a whole, half or quarter carcass? click here




North American Buffalo Steaks are a uniquely American and formerly a wide-spread traditional native American meat treat.  Only recently have enough buffalo been available for modern American consumers to enjoy rich, delicious Buffalo Steaks at a reasonable cost!  In fact, the cost is now even better than some of the natural beef, and it is MORE Natural than beef.  With more flavor and less fat than Beef, why would anyone NOT want to savor a juicy Buffalo Steak right off the grill, or flavorful Buffalo Philly Steak for quick lunch or snack.


Our Buffalo are naturally raised out on the western High Plains when these critters can really call it home.  They are free range, ranch-raised in Colorado or Kansas, and are occasionally supplemented with a few South Dakota Buffalo. Grande Meats contracts with several Plains bison (buffalo) ranchers to raise animals to our specifications.  Buffalo eat there natural diet of delectable High Plains grasses and forage to which they originally evolved for.  This native environment and lush vegetation, insures very tasty, and very tender Buffalo Steaks once the animals are processed.


All animals are born on the open range and are naturally weaned.  As youngsters, they graze in huge natural pastures until they reach the prime meat age range of about 18 to 24 months.  Winter supplemental feeding keeps them happy in the cold months.  The best meat animals are selected from the herd and placed in smaller pastures where grain-finishing can be economically administered.  Animals are never given any steroids or growth promotants.  The predominate diet is still grass hay but  grain (usually corn) is fed for the last 90 days or so.  Grain finishing actually ADDs a bit of  fat to these lean animals, and mellows the flavor to achieve the best of all Buffalo Steaks.


All most every one agrees that a grass raised but grain finished animal has the best of both worlds,  lower fat and greater taste so as to produce the juiciest, tenderest most desirable Buffalo Steaks in the country.  We guarantee it!


Our animals are processed every 4 to 6 weeks with about 15 to 20 days of dry ageing depending upon the age and sex of the animal.  Each new ageing batch guarantees a fresh supply of tender, well-aged, delicious Buffalo Steaks.  Some of the best buffalo steaks you can buy. 


Of course our Steaks are much cheaper than our competition.  Why is that?  We own the animals, so we get get all the animal products, buffalo hides, organs, heads and of course the rest of the Buffalo meat.  The value of those byproducts, together with cutting out the middle man, gives us a more economical cost per pound of Buffalo meat or Buffalo Steaks than most other retailers, which we pass on to you.  You have the benefits of buying from a rancher who is in the Buffalo Steak business!  The best of the best!


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GRASS-Fed & GRAIN-Finished Young Buffalo Tenderloin Steak, The tenderest of all meat cuts.  Whole tenderloin roasts 4 to 7 lbs each (to be ordered by the pound), the finest buffalo meat you can buy!  Roast it or filet it yourself and save.

GRASS-Fed & GRAIN-Finished Young Buffalo Tenderloin Filets, Super tender, super flavorful, +/-7 to 8 oz steaks (1 per package).  Just the finest of buffalo meat , by far! 

GRASS-Fed & GRAIN-Finished T-BONE Buffalo Steak, (one 8 to 10 oz steak per pack).  The best all around buffalo meat steak you can get!  (bone-in).  A good grilling Buffalo steak.

GRASS-Fed & GRAIN-Finished Rib Eye Buffalo Steaks, (one 8oz steak in 0.5 lb pack) The best of the backstrap, tender, flavorful and juicy.  The cut with the highest demand and perhaps the most flavorful buffalo steak,  especially when properly grain-finished

GRASS-Fed & GRAIN-Finished Whole Buffalo Rib Eye Loin Roast, 9 to 13 lbs each roast .  Cut your own steaks or roast these juicy loins right on your grill.

GRASS-Fed & GRAIN-Finished BONE-IN Rib Eye Buffalo Steaks, (variable weights from one 10oz steak per pack to one 25 oz. steak per pack) AKA Long-handled "Tomahawk Steak"    A tasty buffalo steak with the bone attached kind of like like a common beef ribeye, only much better!

GRASS-Fed & GRAIN-Finished Whole Buffalo New York Loin Roast  9 to 12 lbs each roast.  A Slow roast delight or cut your NY Buffalo steaks.

 GRASS-Fed & GRAIN-Finished New York Buffalo Steak (one +/-8oz steak in 0.5 lb pack),  The most flavorful of all the buffalo steak cuts.  Just simply wonderful when cooked over the grill.  The best of the grilling steaks for taste and value!

GRASS-Fed & GRAIN-Finished Sirloin Buffalo Steak (one +/-8 oz steak per pack) An affordable and delicious buffalo meat treat!  A bit less tender, but OH want a Taste.  Just great on the grill but keep it rare!

GRASS-Fed & GRAIN-Finished Young Buffalo Medallions Nicely cleaned, Eye or Bottom Round Buffalo Steak (two or four 4oz steaks in 0.5 or 1lb pack).  A lower cost Buffalo Steak with great flavor but less tender.  Keep it rare or cook it with extra moisture to help it stay tender.

GRASS-Fed & GRAIN-Finished Young Buffalo PHILLY Steaks  Thin Sliced round roast ( 1lb. per pack)  Great for quick grilled buffalo steak sandwiches, No need to worry about tenderness, this buffalo steak is sliced for you already!

GRASS-Fed & GRAIN-Finished Young Buffalo Flank Steak (one to three lbs/pack )  An undiscovered gem of a cut.  Great for Buffalo Steak Fajitas, or grilling and gobbling this very tasty and quite tender cut!

GRASS-Fed & GRAIN-Finished Young Buffalo SKIRT Steak (variable weights, several steaks per pack)  A unique and economical buffalo steak selection.  Best to slow cook in the crock pot, can be tough but has great taste.

GRASS-Fed & GRAIN-Finished Young Buffalo Tenderized Chuck MINUTE Steaks   tenderized buffalo minute steaks 4oz. to 5 oz each ( 3 per pack)  This is a pan-fry delicious buffalo steak that wont break the food budget.  Cook it hot and fast and you'll love it!

GRASS-Fed & GRAIN-Finished Young Buffalo OSSO BUCCO Steak aka leg of buffalo steaks (+1 to 3 lb. packs) cook long and slow prior to braising (bone-in).  The most difficult meat cut to get cooked right, but  with skill this is one tasty buffalo steak treat.  Must be slow cooked in liquid then pan fried with a glaze. 

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