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Bison Jerky

Bison jerky is a wonderful way to enjoy the good, old-fashioned taste of beef jerky without getting all the fat and calories that go along with it. Bison jerky tastes just as rich as beef jerky, and at Grande Premium Meats, we offer a delicious variety of flavors including cayenne pepper, teriyaki, and our best-selling original recipe jerky. The next time you reach for beef jerky at the grocery store, think about all the needless calories you'll be ingesting, and order some healthy and delicious bison jerky instead.

Bison Jerky Is Delicious in Any Flavor
Our jerky is a best-seller because of the wonderful smoky taste, enhanced by the special mix of herbs and seasonings in our recipes. Whether you enjoy the sweeter taste of teriyaki or the hot and spicy zing of the cayenne pepper flavor, our bison jerky is a tasty and healthy treat everyone can enjoy.

Bison meat is actually healthier for you than beef, chicken, pork, and turkey. Bison contains less fat than these other meats, and it's got more of the nutrients you need on a daily basis, like protein, iron, and zinc. If you have kids, friends, or family members who love beef jerky, substitute bison jerky and you'll get rave reviews on the flavor and texture.

Many people enjoy not only bison jerky but bison steaks as well. Because of the lower fat and calories, you can enjoy a bison steak without any of the guilt. Also, since there's less fat in bison meat, you're getting more value per pound. You can eat less meat and feel fuller faster than you would with less dense red meats. Bison truly is a meat that the whole family can enjoy!

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