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Buffalo Meat

Buffalo meat is the best thing to happen to meat lovers in quite some time. Most diets require you to cut back on red meat or enjoy it only occasionally, due to the high fat and calorie content. This is hard for most of us--we've grown accustomed to enjoying a savory grilled steak every now and then (not to mention the numerous recipes that involve red meat--fajitas, stir fry, etc.).

We know that our bodies don't need the fat and calories, and that we should be trying to find low-fat sources for the protein and iron we need, but alternatives like chicken, turkey, pork, or even soy don't offer the same vigorous flavor and texture as a good New York steak. If doing what was good for us was easy, we'd all be doing it all the time. But when you start to imagine the tasty and savory meat coming off the grill, marinated in your favorite blend of herbs and spices, life without a quality source of red meat seems bleak and bland.

Buffalo Meat Promises Taste and Texture, without Fat and Cholesterol
The low fat/high protein meat quandary can be solved with buffalo meat. Although not yet commonly sold in stores or even specialty markets, buffalo meat has the same rich and full-bodied taste as beef with one-fourth of the fat content. Buffalo meat doesn't have that gamey flavor, either, so you're guaranteed a rich, filling, and delicious meal when you cook with buffalo meat.

At Grande Premium Meats, we sell many different cuts of buffalo meat. You can order sirloin, chuck roasts, medallions, rib eyes, tenderloins, or a New York cut that's big enough to satisfy even the heartiest appetite. We also offer buffalo jerky, buffalo sausage, ground buffalo meat, buffalo hearts, livers, brisket, and ribs. No matter what recipe you're cooking up, there's a cut of buffalo meat that will fit perfectly.




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