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Buffalo Steaks

Buffalo steaks are a delicious and healthy change of pace from the norm. Whether you've got adventurous taste buds or are just a bit tired of the same type of meat coming off the grill at every family barbecue, buffalo steaks are a great way to spice up any meal. At Grande Premium Meats, our buffalo meat is specially prepared to ensure the highest quality of flavor and freshness.

Every cut of our buffalo steaks is USDA-inspected and has been vacuum-sealed to lock in the freshness. Our cuts are grain-fed and all-natural, so you can be assured you're not receiving an imitation or a mixture that only contains some buffalo meat--our steaks are one hundred percent farm-raised buffalo meat. These steaks are perfect with marinades, stews, kebabs, or with tasty side dishes like rice or grilled vegetables.

We have plenty of different cuts to offer you, too. You can choose from tenderloin, tenderloin filets, rib eyes, sirloin, medallions, a New York loin cut, flank steak, stew meat, round roast, brisket, ribs, or even ground buffalo meat (perfect for a tasty and healthy hamburger!). Buffalo steaks have a rich taste, just like red meat, and do not taste gamey at all--they are perfect for grilling or for use in your favorite recipes.

What Makes Buffalo Steaks Different than Beef?
Buffalo steaks are low in fat and cholesterol, and high in protein and iron. If you're putting dinner on the table for your family and are concerned about the quality of food they are eating, choosing buffalo steaks as an alternative to beef steaks is one way to ensure they are getting the protein and nutrients they need. Buffalo is lower in fat, calories, and cholesterol than beef, pork, chicken, or salmon. If you'd like to try some of the best low-fat meat in the country, Grande Premium Meats can supply you with the buffalo, venison, or elk that will suit your needs perfectly.




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