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Elk Jerky

The idea of a snack usually conjures up images of cookies, chips, and a number of other horrendously unhealthy substances that marketing gurus have programmed our mouths to water over. These carb-filled, sugary vices do little to satisfy hunger, all the while only filling our bodies with excessive calories. Instead of snacking on such sugary fillers, why not try something different that is healthier, yet still quite tasty?

Jerky is one such snack that helps curb hunger with its high protein content. At Grande Premium Meats, we offer a wide selection of elk jerky to satisfy that craving for a little substance in between meals. We use premium elk meat along with original flavoring recipes to create tasty elk jerky you won't find anywhere else. The high protein content in elk meat makes our elk jerky the perfect snack!  We also have Bison Jerky as a delicious taste treat!

The Benefits of Elk Jerky over Beef Jerky

The beef jerky you find in markets are usually made out of beef cow red meat, much of which contains chemicals and hormones administered to the animals throughout their lives. The chemicals and hormones ingested when eating beef is considered by many scientists to pose a serious threat to our health, particularly to more vulnerable groups like children and pregnant women! Our elk jerky is 100 percent natural with no added hormones or chemicals.

Along with being all-natural, our elk jerky also does not contain any MSG or nitrates. Since elk meat is naturally low in fat and cholesterol, while still having a high protein and iron content, elk jerky makes a great low-carb snack that is also non-fattening. When you order any of our premium elk jerky selections, you'll receive fresh, vacuum-packed, fully cooked, flavorful jerky for a delightful snacking experience!




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