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Elk Meat

With more than a decade of experience ranching elk, we at Grande Premium Meats know elk meat. Our elk are raised hormone and chemical-free for some of the most savory, delectable elk steaks, burgers, roasts, and jerky on the market. Serving up the most supple selections of elk meat is a delicate science that we have mastered, using only meats from young elk cows for optimal tenderness.

The largest domestic elk meat distributing company west of the Mississippi, our elk meat is USDA approved, flash frozen to retain absolute freshness, and shipped to you via one and a half inch thick foam boxes packed with a bit of dry ice. Within one, two or three days of your order, you may be enjoying flame grilled elk steaks, cooked perfectly to your taste.

Hey! but wait.  Not only do we offer premium elk meat, but we also offer buffalo meat as well!

Why Choose Elk Meat over Beef?

With beef so readily available in supermarkets across the country, why would you choose elk meat instead? The answer is simple: compared to beef, elk meat is lower in fat, lower in cholesterol, lower in calories, higher in iron and phosphates, and yet contains the same amount of protein. Elk are raised without any chemicals or hormones, which you might be ingesting whenever you eat standard USDA beef!

Eating elk meat is overall a healthier alternative to eating beef. In North America, elk also undergoes the most rigorous disease testing of any livestock! Compared to 1 in every 20,000 cows tested for mad cow disease, every single ranch elk raised in Colorado is tested. And lastly, many people choose elk meat over other meats just because the taste is impeccable. Even without all the fat, elk is naturally more tender than beef, with a slightly sweeter taste!





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