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Elk Steaks

Imagine a savory cut of rib eye elk steak, rubbed with a few dashes of seasoning salt, and placed over an open flame. The elk steak is seared for a few minutes over the flame on both sides, and the middle is warmed to a perfect rare. You cut the first bite and place it into your mouth. What you'll taste will be similar to one of the best, most tender beef steaks you've ever had, with a slightly sweet hint.

So what's the difference between elk steaks and beef steaks, you ask? Simply put, elk steaks are much better for you! You've heard the doctors. You know the statistics. If you want to cut down your cholesterol, you need to cut down on the red meat. Except, the red meat to avoid is usually referred to is standard cow beef, like what you buy in supermarkets. Unlike beef, elk meat is much lower in fat, lower in cholesterol, and lower in calories!

For you steak-lovers out there, our elk steaks here at Grande Premium Meats are the smart and delicious alternative to beef steaks.  Beef is not only higher in cholesterol and fats, but also may be injected with undesirable chemicals and hormones! Biting into one of our divine cuts of elk meat, grilled to perfection, is like biting into the best steak you've ever had, without the worry or guilt that you're ruining your health!

How It Works
When you order any selection of our elk steaks, roasts, burgers, stews, jerky, or sausages, the items are vacuum sealed and shipped to you frozen in a thick foam box packed with dry ice to preserve optimum quality. You may choose between a number of special value packages or even order items individually by the pound. All of our meats are USDA inspected and rigorously tested to ensure you receive the best selections of the best red meat...elk meat....better than beef!





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