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Deer Jerky

Many of us have purchased beef jerky strips to snack on during long car trips or at a sporting event--but if you've tired of the overly salty flavor and too-tough texture of this beef product, try deer jerky instead. Venison's popularity is increasing by leaps and bounds, thanks to carb-conscious and health-conscious dieters. Whereas beef products are filled with fat and lack a healthy supply of nutrients, deer jerky is the opposite--always full of flavor and with very little fat. At Grande Premium Meats, we'll always provide jerky that's made from farm-raised, USDA-inspected quality venison.

Deer Jerky Tastes Great and Is Full of Health Benefits
Most first-time venison tasters are quite surprised by its full, rich flavor and the lack of grease or fat (due to a deer's low percentage of body fat, compared with domesticated cattle). The only venison that's approved for sale and use in food distribution in the U.S. is farm-raised venison. Hunters are, of course, allowed to eat any meat from deer they've caught, but often hunters either aren't experienced in dressing the meat or in cooking it. If you've ever had Uncle Stan's venison chili, you'll taste a huge difference between his venison and farm-raised venison like ours.

In the past decade, the amount of venison consumed in North America has tripled. As the benefits of farm-raised venison continue to catch on, the demand has steadily increased. Venison provides you with plenty of protein and iron, as well as B vitamins and zinc. When you purchase our deer jerky, you'll get meat that was produced with absolutely no hormones or preservatives.

Deer jerky is a healthy snack you can feel good about. Whether the kids need a little treat in their lunchboxes or you want a healthy afternoon snack that packs more of a punch than a piece of fruit or a calorie-laden snack cake, deer jerky is perfect. We have a variety of flavors to suit all taste buds, including black pepper, teriyaki, cayenne pepper, and our best-selling original recipe flavor.


Venison Jerky | Venison Sausage
NOTICE: OUR JERKY IS MADE WITHOUT PRESERVATIVES, Hence once opened they must be eaten quickly or kept refrigerated (or frozen)






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