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That sizzling hiss you hear in the kitchens of gourmet restaurants throughout the world is the sound of deer steaks. Deer is an all natural, low-fat alternative to the conventional chicken, pork, beef, and turkey people have been eating for years. Research has shown that deer meat contains higher levels of vitamins and nutrients that other meats lack. Deer has less fat than most beef, and less cholesterol than most poultry.

The FDA's food pyramid seems to change as often as fad diets. However, the core of any healthy diet is an optimum ratio of fats, proteins, and minerals that your body needs. No other meat comes closer to this ratio than deer meat. There is a natural substitute for all of the vitamins and supplements you've been taking to counteract the effects of processed pre-packaged food.

Gourmet Deer Steaks from Your Kitchen
Eating deer steaks does not mean you'll have to change your entire diet. Elk or venison steak is an easy and flavorful way to enhance any diet, especially low carb and no-carb diets. Deer cooks up tender and juicy on the grill making it a perfect main course for virtually any occasion. Previously, the benefits of deer meat were only available to hunters. Now, Grande Premium Meats can provide you with the freshest, most flavorful deer meat, regardless of where you live.

Grande Premium Meats is the Internet's largest distributor of premium elk, deer, buffalo, and bison meats. Our meat is ranch-raised, free from hormones, additives, and antibiotics. What you get is natural, healthy meat, year round. Whether you're a soccer mom looking for healthy meal ideas or a grocer looking to cater to your customers' ever changing needs, we can help.






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