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GROUND ELK BURGER ... great tasting and inexpensive!

Grande Natural Meats has very lean (+93% lean):    

ELK Burger Patties (three 1/3 lb. patties) - in one lb packs

                                 or 12 one pound packs in a case

Bulk ELK Burger - in one lb packs

                                or 12 one pound packs in a case



Because elk meat is so lean, you have to be a very careful to avoid drying it out.  Until you are familiar with the way elk burger cooks, best to experiment a bit before serving any guests.  While USDA recommendation are to cook any kind of ground meat to the medium or well done stage, if you cook elk burger to well-done stage, you will not be pleased.  Elk becomes dry and loses it flavor with too much cooking.  Unless the ground meat is part of a stew, chili or casserole, Elk burger is most flavorful and juicy when kept rare, to at most, medium done.  If you desire to cook them longer, place in a marinate for 15 minutes or so to keep the meat juicy.

Grande Natural Meats burgers contains very little fat and NO other binders.  Our preformed burgers hold together when cooking due to being machine compressed under high pressure.  If you make your own burgers, they may fail apart.  Add a bit of egg or other binder to help keep them from flaking off.  Grill quickly on each side and you are set.

*ELK COOKING TIPS  from Grande Natural Meats and “Colorado Farmed Elk” a publication by the Colorado Elk Breeders Association





Welcome to Grande Natural Meats.  We have a wide selection of your favorite USDA inspected elk meats.  We use only young animals, predominately females, and process them in a similar manner to beef so as to eliminate any possibility of gamey taste or irregular consistency.  All meat cut names are similar to beef descriptions so as to allow easy identification of your favorite cut.  Elk meat is lower in fat and cholesterol but higher in protein, so smaller portions are more filling, and much more heart healthy!   IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A PURCHASE PLEASE CLICK HERE or CONTACT US via EMAIL or TELEPHONE as described at the bottom of the page.


We have a great, heart healthy product! 

Our Telephone Numbers are:
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