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The canines of elk bulls and cows are known as "elk teeth," "buglers," "ivories," or even elk "tusks." Bulls were once killed for their teeth alone, which are the insignia of a renowned fraternal organization.  These unusual Elk teeth, were prized possessions of the Native Americans of the Great Plains. They were used to adorn dresses and robes as well as for necklaces and pendants. Some dresses had in excess of 1000 of them attached as decorative trim. Today, elk teeth remain a prize of the successful hunt and are fashioned into rings and other jewelry selling for thousands of dollars.

Our Elk teeth are fully natural and beautiful creations of the animals, not man-made imitations.  These are right from the animals mouth, without any manipulation by man, other than a gentle cleaning. 

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Exact tooth sizes and colors may vary and some may have residual mouth debris.



Quantity to Order

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Price per Pkg

ELK BULLTEETH Premium larger teeth at $24.00 per toothOUT OF STOCK 


each order is for 2 teeth OUT OF STOCK

$48.00/ 2 tooth pkg

ELK BULL TEETH larger teeth  (single teeth,non-sets) two tooth minimum purchaseOUT OF STOCK


 two tooth minimumOUT OF STOCK

$22.50/ per tooth

 ELK COW TEETH  more than 1/2" in width, 4 tooth assortment, or $8.00 per tooth 

 each order is for 4 teeth

$32.00/ 4 tooth set
 SPECIAL ELK COW TEETH  more than 1/2" in width, 2 tooth pair, or $16.00 per tooth  SPECIAL HAND PICKED PAIRS

  each order is for 2 teeth

$32.00/ 2 tooth pair

  ELK CALF or Red Deer TEETH less than 1/2" in width, 4 tooth assortment, or $3.00 per tooth.  Limited Supply 

 each order is for 4 teeth

$12.00/ 4 tooth set