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The Sometimes High Cost of Shipping

When you place an order for Elk, Deer or Buffalo meat at Grande Natural Meats, either by phone or on the internet, a series of steps occurs.  Your order is printed out and estimated shipping costs are tabulated and compared prior to returning an email or phone call to you.   Each destination has its own unique shipping needs and we select the carrier and methodology that best suits your conditions.  We ship to all 50 states including ALASKA and HAWAII, albeit with a lot of planning for the more rural locations!  We will guarantee safe delivery!

1) Shipping costs are calculated by weight and distance from SW Colorado (our home base) to your desired shipping location.  Your shipping cost is based on the weight of the meat you order, plus the tare weight of the shipping box with 1.5” poly foam liners plus the needed extra weight of dry ice or cold-gel packs to be added.   We adjust the dry ice or gel packs to the expected destination’s ambient temperature to ensure that you receive your order in good condition. 

The time it takes your package to reach you will depend on your location relative to ours, and which service provider we use to ship your order.  We will estimate the costs of shipping using ground (or truck transport), two day airfreight and overnight express.   Our possible carriers are the US Post Office, and United Parcel Service.  Fed-Ex does not service our area very well.  If at all possible and safe, we will try to use a ground service carrier giving you the cheapest transport possible.

We have negotiated special rates for overnight service and 2-day service particularly for the east and west coast.   So even through the distances might be too far for judicious ground service, we can still make exceptional overnight deals.

2) Before your order is packaged, you will usually receive a call or email from one of our friendly staff here at Grande Natural Meats to discuss the shipping options available to you, and the associated costs.  Once a preferred shipping option is agreed upon, your order is sent to our packing and shipping department for processing.   Occasionally with a known customer, or an obvious shipping conclusion, we will ship without customer notification other than the carrier shipping notice sent via email when the package is labeled for shipment.

3) Our packing specialist will then assemble your order and the various specific cuts of, elk, deer of buffalo meat that you requested from our sub-zero freezers or for the jerky from our refrigerated facilities.  Our frozen meat is stored at ten to twenty degrees below zero to ensure that you get the finest products possible.  Buffalo and elk jerkies are stored at about 30 degrees to prolong shelf life.   Your order is carefully packed in one of our special packing boxes, which contain 1.5” of foam insulation on all sides, plus poly peanuts to insulate and cushion the various products during transport.  We have three sizes of boxes:  a 12” cubic box hold up to about 13# of meat, a 14” box holds up to about 36# of meat, and lastly our 18” cubed box can hold upwards of 65# of meat, but we try not to exceed 70# due to the potential for lifting injuries.  We will add some additional printed literature such as brochures, cooking tips or other items as indicated by your order.  Once assembled, your package is then stored in the sub-zero freezers while the invoice and shipping labels are processed, awaiting courier pickup.

When the invoice and shipping labels are complete, your card is credit card charged, and your receipt is attached to the invoice.  Since individually packaged cuts of meat vary slightly in weight, the exact amount you receive may also vary slightly from the amount of meat you ordered, but calculated correctly based upon the costs per pound of each cut as found on the internet at www.ElkUSA.com.   Exact meat weights to hundredths of pounds (i.e. 1.26 lbs of Elk chuck roast) will be reflected on your invoice, a copy of which is packed in the top of the box.  The appropriate amount of dry ice or gel packs are added, based on the destination, time of year, how long your package has to travel and who is the courier.  Straight ground transport is packed with dry ice, while air shipments will go with gel packs stored at -100 degrees.  Your package is then sealed and returned to the sub-zero freezer to await pickup.

4) The courier service then picks the package up and off it goes to be delivered next day or up to four days later, depending upon the service selected.  Each package has a unique ID tracking number which is issued to you in an email sent when the shipping label is made.  By entering the carriers website, one can track the package progress from start to finish if you have the tracking number handy.

5) If your package does not arrive when you expect it, try to determine its location via the carriers internet website.  They will usually have the information pretty much up to date and you can see if the package is near by or ready to be delivered.  IF A PROBLEM seems to be brewing give us a call immediately at 1-888-788-7441 and let us know and we will track it down and get some action done immediately. 


Generally, over 98% of our packages arrive on time!  WE WILL GUARANTEE that the meat will arrive in safe condition although occasionally some thawing may be present,. but that will not affect meat quality.  As long the as the meat is still cold (<40 degrees F), just place the meat back in the freezer.  Limited thawing and refreezing is not a meat safety issue.  We have shipped items to all 50 states and while some of the Hawaii destinations take at least 5 days, we still made it in safe condition.  Once you receive the package, please review the contents for temperature and the correct amounts compared to your invoice. 

If you find any problems please contact us immediately at 1-888-788-7441.  ….otherwise we hope that you enjoy our delicious Elk, buffalo and deer meat products!  Thank you for your meat order.


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