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Venison Jerky

Venison jerky is a flavorful alternative to the standard beef jerky many people have admittedly grown tired of. Traditionally a snack for people out camping or on the go, jerky in general has seen a surge in popularity due to low carbohydrate, high protein diets. However, conventional jerky does not provide the same levels of vitamins and nutrients as jerky made from venison.

Grande Premium Meats sells only the best venison jerky you can buy. We sell only farm-raised USDA-inspected venison jerky, free from MSG and nitrates. Store bought jerky, no matter what kind of meat it is made from, is often loaded down with additives, preservatives, sodium, and artificial flavorings, and who knows how long it's been sitting on the shelf. Our jerky is vacuum packed and you'd have to make it yourself if you wanted anything fresher!

Get the Best Venison Jerky from Grande Premium Meats

One of the easiest ways to get kids to try new meats including venison is by offering them jerky. Kids and adults alike love our Original Recipe jerky, made from nutritious steak strips. For people with more distinguished tastes, we also make teriyaki, spicy cayenne, and pepper plank jerky. Venison jerky is a healthier alternative to potato chips and fast food.

Our low prices on venison jerky and deer meat have helped to make us the largest and most trusted distributor of premium meats on the Internet. We have been providing businesses and individuals with buffalo and deer meat for many years. Our large consumer base drives us to be the best in the business, offering a superior product with superior customer service.






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